Disabling Columns
  • Is there a method of removing a column  from my dataset  rather than having to eliminate that column from my source data file and reimporting the data  from scratch?

    It would be a lovely feature to be able to disable a particular column (check box ?) from a dataset that I already have in memory in order to see the impact on model or merely just to remove it because it's in a source file that I'm need to feed to another application for a different purpose other than modeling .


    For instance, it's nice to import that DATE field in my input dataset so that I can reference the same row at a later time (exporting it from the score tab but not use if for modeling) , but I don't really need it for modeling. That's just one example , it's not just the date column. I might have a number of potential prediction / dependent variables in the same csv file and might want to easily switch between them without having to do multiple imports and setups.

    THx Devon


  • Hi Devon,

    That feature is planned but unfortunately it did not make into version 5.0. It will be on version 6.0 for sure.

    I can think of two workarounds if you want to keep using the runs you created using the date:

    1. You can do a change dataset and replace the current dataset with the same one you are using but with the date cells all set to, say, 'a' (any non-numeric constant will do).

    2. In the runs go to the Category Mapping and set all the dates to zero.

    I hope this helps.
  • "Category Mapping and set all the dates to zero".

    I was in that panel this morning for the first time. Wasn't completely sure of its purpose.

    Is there a way to map all the rows for that column to zero in a single action / click or to I need to set each row individually to zero - one by one ?

    Thanks and yes - looking forward to this being added to the next version :>



  • Hi Devon,

    Yes there is. Using the context menu of the table in the Category Mapping window, copy the mappings and paste them in Excel. Then replace the rightmost column with the values you want, for example zero or one. Then select the column values (excluding the header), go back to the Category Mapping window and through the context menu select Paste Mapping.

    But there is yet another solution for the original problem. Go to the Change Seed window and replace all the instances of the variable (for example d0) with a constant, preferably one not in use, and set that constant to the value you want.

  •  Both of those will come in very handy!
    Change Seed window  - I really like this one!!! That's awesome!

    Hope these questions and tips are helping others too!!!



    Another possible wish list item - an option (that I can turn on and off) that will check for new updates and if enabled, auto update to the last release (vs having go to website, download, install etc..)

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