Choosing the Fitness Function

Fitness Functions and Parsimony Pressure
GeneXproTools allows you to select models based not only on their raw fitness but also on their size by choosing a fitness function with parsimony pressure. For that you just have to check the box With Parsimony Pressure on the Fitness Function Tab.

Designing parsimonious solutions makes sense not only in terms of efficiency but also clarity, and modelers always try to balance both these factors. The fitness functions with parsimony pressure of GeneXproTools allow you to achieve the same balance between efficiency and simplicity by favoring good solutions with more compact structures.

GeneXproTools has a total of 15 fitness functions with parsimony pressure, finely tuned to allow an efficient evolution:

In addition, GeneXproTools 4.0 allows you to play with program size and weight it as you see fit in your own custom fitness functions.

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