Settings and Features

Sample Runs
GeneXproTools 4.0 ships with four different Sample Runs for Function Finding: Arccotangent, Data Mining, Production, and Analog Circuit Design. To try any one of them, you just have to click its link on the Welcome Screen of GeneXproTools.

The Acot(x) is a well-known mathematical function that you can use to learn your way around GeneXproTools: try making a few runs, optimizing and simplifying a model, check the generated code, see how well the models generalize in the Results Panel, try different fitness functions, different function sets, different architectures, and so on.

The Data Mining sample run is a high-dimensional test problem that illustrates clearly how GeneXproTools can deal quite outstandingly with noisy data. Even though 15 out of 16 variables in this dataset are noise, you will see that GeneXproTools has no problems finding a perfect solution to this problem.

The Production sample run is a real-world problem from Economics and the goal is to explain the Production as a function of Labor, Material, and Capital. You will see that this is an easy problem for GeneXproTools and exceptionally good models are obtained in virtually all runs.

The Analog Circuit Design sample run is a challenging problem that illustrates how well GeneXproTools approximates a function, fine-tuning it with greater and greater precision. Here, the goal is to find the transfer function expressing the yield of an analog circuit in terms of three parameter tolerances. The training set, consisting of n = 40 pairs of tolerances and their corresponding yields, was obtained from n runs of Monte Carlo simulations.

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