Problem with data loading
  • Welcome,

    I have a problem. Im trying to load data (15 columns and 102 rows) and I have a trouble with warning like this.image

    What's the problem ?
  • Hello,

    Could you please upload the image again. Unfortunately it was lost. To upload a file use the Attach a File link below the message editor in this forum.

    Jose Simas
  • Hello,

    It looks like there is a problem loading that specific data file. Would you be able to send a sample of that data to to help us diagnose the problem?

    Jose Simas
  • Ok, I send you a massage with sample data
  • Hello,

    I am able to create new runs with the data sample you sent (I also tried it with Regional Settings that hopefully match yours). Did you try creating a run with the small sample you sent?

  • I have tried with small data sample and always the same. When I download data from Uci Repository the problem not exist.

    Edit. Ok Done. It's the problem with labels. Thank you.

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