Non-linear Regression Analysis
  • I'm a researcher in
    structural engineering field, and currently working on a project study
    effect of some variables on the shear strength of concrete element. I
    would like to know if I can use Non-linear regression analysis to get a
    specific formula shape like vcr = 2.88 ( fc ρ )0.3 ( d /a )0.6

    If so, how can I do that in GeneXproTools?
  • Hi,

    You can create non-linear regression models in GeneXproTools using the Regression Platform. GeneXproTools allows you to choose both non-linear and linear functions that you can use as building blocks to create your models. GeneXproTools also allows you to do all kinds of non-linear transformations to your input variables. Then you let the learning algorithm find and optimize the formula shape that best describes your data.

    But you can check this all out for yourself by downloading the 30-day free trial of GeneXproTools, which, by the way, includes the Concrete Compressive Strength sample run.

    Candida Ferreira

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