How to define functions with constants?
  • Hi.

    Is there any way to define a function with constants?


    (a*x0 + b*x1*x2)^c

    I think this feature is very useful to define flexible functions.



  • Hi Mehdi,

    You can define all kinds of functions with up to four arguments as Custom Functions or DDFs. Additionally you can use a seed model with a particular structure (like your example above) and then choose a fixed structure modeling strategy (you can do that by selecting certain genetic operators) and let evolution find a model for your data with that particular structure. Note however that constraining evolution in any way is usually not very effective.

    Candida Ferreira

  • Hi Dr. Ferreira,

    Is it possible to define a DDF exactly like my example? I'm not looking for (x0*x1 + x2*x3*x4)^x5 !

    I thinks some new variables (e.g. c0, c1, should be defined in internal engine of GeneXproTools to define custom functions.

    (c0*x0 + c1*x1*x2)^c3

    When the program sees this function, it uses all possibilities for xn and only float numbers for cn variables.


  • Hi Mehdi,

    You can design custom functions with up to 4 inputs (arguments) in GeneXproTools (functions with more arguments are modeled by the algorithm itself as combinations of the basic functions or building blocks). The arguments to a function are evolvable, which means they can assume all possible combinations (constants, variables, all kinds of complex expressions), all fine-tuned by the learning algorithm so that a good fit is achieved.

    Hope this helps.

    Candida Ferreira

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