Should I use UDFs or DDFs for this problem? Description inside.
  • In the models I am trying to discover with GeneXproTools, some function blocks are of particular importance. I am trying to make their discovery easier. This function blocks are of the form: v1^c1/(c2 + v2^c1)c3*v3, and so on, where vi are variables and c1 is a positive small integer, c2 and c3 are real numbers. Being a beginner I don't know yet if I can use Static or Dynamic UDFs for this goal. More precisely it is not clear to me if this UDF can deal only with variables or if it can use constants too.
  • You should use Static UDFs in order to explore and reuse particular function blocks that you are interested in. There are virtually no limits concerning the form of UDFs and they can use both variables and constants.

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