Data loading
  • What does it mean for a xlsm file to contain more than one type of separator?
    Why don't you provide the row or column number  where a problem was met?
    Currently I have not yet found whats wrong with my file.

  • Also, a column with categorical values D4, DP, DA and nothing is accepted for Classification, but seems not to be accepted  for Logistic regression. Is this correct?

  • Usually this problem appears in Excel files that have spaces in some cells. The easiest way to find them is to copy the data from Excel into Notepad and search for spaces.

    Concerning the categorical values. I cannot reproduce the problem. I suggest that you use NULL instead of nothing or an empty cell as that be the cause of the issue.
  • After many trials I now understand what happened:
    Every 2 or 3 predictors entered I loaded them to check that they  were correct. but if the last one, considered as the Response, had missing values, I got an error. With the true Response (free of missing values) always positionned as the last parameter, I could load safely, with occasionally missing values in predictors.

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