Feature request - C++/MATLAB to KARVA code
  • Hi.

    Would you please add this feature?

    Every time I want to change seed, I get bad headache to convert my own function to KARVA code.

    For simple functions, it's possible; but for complex one.....???!!!

    For example I have this function and I want to fine-tune the constants.

    ((1360.597678 + 1863.040377*N2 + 941.8897754*CO2 + 357.7363773*log(C7) + 10*C1*MWC7 - 1388.214633*C3 - 5186.439279*C7)/(1.02362489 - SGC7) + (15.2816505472293 + 1953.30650694187*C2 + 670.715255440621*C5 + 667.87928409629*H2S + 34347.1001353933*C4^2 - 0.0555824710827652*T - 31.6554770869018*C1 - 1019.80590355279*C6 - 6061.80119417893*C4)/(0.0818483531671925 + 0.00383420551963828*T) )

    Who can convert it to KARVA code?

    I tried to split the function into 5 parts and define each part in a separate gene, but I don't know why that after adding the 4th gene, programs says the seed has zero fitness. I changed all constant in 4th gene to ZERO, but it didn't helped.

    Please, please, please add an option to change the MATLAB/C++ or whatever to KARVA code.

    Best Regards,
  • Finally I solved the problem, but after total 5 hours. After that I feel lots of pain in my eyes.

    It's kind of wasting the time to convert the model to KARVA code manually.

    I hope to see such a convertor in next release.


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