Some questions about elitism.
  • Theoretically, elitism means that from the current population the n elite members of the population are moved to the next generation (n is likely to be 1 but I’m not sure... not even really sure if elitism is used in GeneXproTools). If this is done are these elite individuals not subjected to further genetic manipulation (mutation, recombination, etc.)?
  • GeneXproTools uses simple elitism (or the cloning of the single best individual of the population). This means that, each generation, the genome of the best individual is copied unchanged into the next generation. However, like all individuals of the population, this individual is also subjected to selection and, being the very best, it has the highest probability of being selected to reproduce with modification. So, this individual not only gets special treatment (cloning) but also is selected according to its fitness like everybody else. And its lucky descendants (besides the clone, of course) are subjected to the genetic operators of mutation, inversion, transposition, and recombination in order to create genetic diversity.

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