A semi-unattended way to upgrade or install GeneXproTools 5.0
  • Uninstalling and re-installing GeneXproTools is always a bit of busy work and until we automate this process here is a workaround that simplifies the process.

    Create a batch file (I named mine update.bat) and add these lines:

    CALL "C:\Program Files (x86)\GeneXproTools 50\unins000.exe" /SILENT
    CALL GeneXproToolsSetup.exe /SILENT

    If your OS is 32 bit then replace Program Files (x86) with Program Files. Drop the batch file next to the installer and run the batch file (double click it). It will uninstall the current installation then pauses (unfortunately it fails without this pause), hit enter and it does an unattended installation.

    You can also replace SILENT with VERYSILENT and the installation will proceed without any user interface.

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