Using the application for Trading purposes - Data exchange difficulties
  • Hello,


    I have been trying to use GeneXPro Tools for developing trading strategies. The whole process was a little bit clumsy,

    because there is a lot of need to do data exchanges from trading platforms first to Excel, than from Excel to GeneXPro Tools.

    It is really time-consuming, if you wish to make a classification and you need to determine the 1`s and 0`s in the trading platforms

    own language.


    As I know that there are some fellow traders on this forum, I would like to turn your attention to a new trading platform, which

    is actually a spreadsheet!! Every data automatically can be saved into an xls file and the trading logic can be programed in the

    spreadsheet. I have found, that the needed data exchange is much faster and more straightforward. There is no need to do a lot programing work, because the price data is automatically in the spreadsheet and basicly it reduces to work with Excel. Of course, if you are a proffessional

    programmer, it may be quite easy for you to copy the data from the trading platform to GeneXPro Tools. I however, have spent a lot of hours

    figuring this out in a correct way. I also have built a lot of false models, because of false copying of the data.

     With this new trading platform, it seems much easier. Scoring is also easier for me.


    Check it out, if interested. It is free and can be used with an also free demo account at FXCM.




  •  Thanks for the share - I , for one , will check this out! Exporting indicator values from MT4, while possible, is much more difficult to do and is not a built in feature, need to write custom code for EACH indicator you wish to export. :>


  • P.S. Ernie Chan's new book "Algorithmic Trading: Winning Strategies and Their Rationale" (Wiley Trading)
    which I'm plowing through right now , has a brief recommendation for as well.
  • Hello Devon,


    yes it is in this book where I have found a reference as well. It is quite a good book, although he uses

    very high level mathematics, but maybe it is the key to his success.

  • Devon,

    if you allow me, I would recommend you 2 other very good books on the subject:

    Emilio Tomasini/Urban Jaekle: Trading Systems - A new approach to system development and portfolio optimazation

    David R. Aronson: Evidence Based Technical Analysis


    Since I really enjoy reading the subject, some recommandations from your part would be nice. There are far too many useless writings about trading...

    Another question: Can you recommend a good forum on algorithmic trading? Do you participate in some? I read mostl forex factory, but I do not know.. I have sometimes the feeling I am not at the right place.

    Thanks in advance!


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