Future Release Idea?
  • I would love to see, in a future release, the ability to cycle through the entire list of fitness functions for the same dataset and math functions with a single click / start and be able to store/review the top X (1,2,3 etc) best models for each fitness function AND be able to easily compare the results.
    This would be especially helpful for those of us who aren't all that familiar with the detailed technical aspects of all the fitness functions and an easier way to explore the data :>
    Devon Kyle
  • Thanks for the suggestion!

    The good news is that this is already possible to do with GeneXproServer. The bad news is that it is not in GeneXproTools and, at the moment, requires some programming or some patience with Excel and text files to make it happen.

    GeneXproServer processes job files which are text files with instructions. So, it is possible to create a job file that picks up a run and creates copies of that run changing the Fitness Function in the process. Then, GeneXproServer, processes those runs for a set number of generations or a certain amount of time. Finally it reports on all the new models (or a subset as you asked) in an html file. It also saves this information in xml files that can be easily parsed and analyzed if you want to integrate it with an external system, for exmple.

    This is valid for pretty much every setting in GeneXproTools and even for the function set and the datasets. As soon as we release this version of GeneXproServer we will publish a tutorial or a short video about this process.


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