Visualization question
  • Dear Gepsoft Team,


    I would have a minor improvement recommendation if you allow me..

    It is really only a very subtle thing, but still I got quite frustrated after 2 hours of work.

    So, I wish to analyze time series prediction models. The program shows as default 500 observation.

    These are however too many for me, my screen isn`t big enough, so with 500 observation (please see 1th attachement)

    I cannot see the fine details. I can adjust the screen to show only 100 data points, which are much better for

    judging the errors made by the model. (please see the 2nd attachement)

    Now, I have developed more than 200 models, and every time, I switch between the models the screen

    adjusts itself back to default 500 points, and every time I have to adjust it to 100 manually...


    As you can see it is really only a minor problem... Maybe there is a way to change the default settings,

    I am just too dump to find it... it can get very annoying however. Is there a way to come around this issue?


    Thanks a lot!


  • Hi Balazs,

    Thank you for pointing this out! This was an oversight on our part. We will fix this shortly but meanwhile, at least for the cases where you’re only interested in analyzing the results for the training records, you can analyze your models in the Data Panel, as the charts there behave the way you describe.


  • Hi Balazs,

    We've just released a new build with this fixed. Thanks again for spotting this!


  • Many thanks for the fast reaction!

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