GeneXproServer 5.0 - Final Release
  • We are very happy to release today a new version of GeneXproServer! This version of GeneXproServer not only adds all the features introduced with GeneXproTools 5.0 but also introduces the direct processing of GEP files on the command line and an API that can be used from any .NET language such as C#, VB.NET, C++, and IronPython. We are also introducing parallel processing which scales linearly with the number of core in your computer. GeneXproServer 5.0 ships in two different editions: Professional and Enterprise editions with Academic versions also available at half price. The Enterprise Edition is unlimited in the number of cores and the Professional is limited to 8 logical cores.

    GeneXproServer 5.0 has a demo you can download!

    Yes, now you can try GeneXproServer 5.0 for free for 15 days. This is great because now you will be able to explore the many new features before purchasing. You must also download and install GeneXproTools 5.0 even if you already have it installed on your computer because this demo requires that the very latest version of GeneXproTools 5.0 be installed on the same computer (with or without a license).

    Download the demo of GeneXproServer 5.0

    Download the latest version of GeneXproTools 5.0

    What's New in GeneXproServer 5.0?

    GeneXproServer introduces many new features as well as improvements of existing features:
    Parallel processing with any number of cores for the Enterprise Edition and up to 8 cores in the Professional Edition.

    • In-Place Workflow and single gep file processing from the command line.
    • Time Series Prediction export to JSON, XML and text.
    • Better Excel File processing with more control over what is loaded.
    • Dataset reversal and sub-sampling from the top, allowing sub-sampling either from the top or bottom.
    • Two types of data table format (Response Last/Response First).
    • Model selection by several criteria before and after the run.
    • New Idle Mode for the run to allow modifications, testing and predictions without creating new models.
    • Start, Continue, Simplify and Complexify run modes.
    • Programming language selection when exporting models.
    • Easy ensemble generation from consolidated runs using Favorite Statistics as selection criteria.
    • Addition of argument attributes to pre and post processing nodes (Run and Job).
    • New functionality for removing functions from the function set.
    • New functionality for changing the Singled Out Class (for automating multiclass Classification and Logistic Regression).
    • Support for multiple runs as defined in GeneXproTools' Run Panel.
    • Support for testing or refreshing both datasets as defined in GeneXproTools' History Panel.
    • New Online Guide for GeneXproServer 5.0

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