Class does not support Automation Error in GeneXproServer 5.0

  • When I run GeneXproServer 5.0 I get the following output and it does not create new models:

    <log created='17/09/2013' name='ExampleRun_000001'> 
     <item created='17/09/2013 09:30:56' severity='0'>Processing run 1...</item> 
    <item created='17/09/2013 09:30:56' severity='0'>Loading run file... C:\Tests\ExampleRun_2\ExampleRun_000001.gep</item> 
    <item created='17/09/2013 09:30:56' severity='0'>GepRC - Class does not support Automation or does not support expected interface</item>
    <item created='17/09/2013 09:30:56' severity='0'>RUN ERROR: Run 1 could not be processed. Code -5</item> 

    How can I solve this problem?
  • Hi,

    This error indicates that your build of GeneXproTools does not match exactly the build of GeneXproServer.
    Please follow these steps to solve the problem:
    1. Uninstall both GeneXproTools and GeneXproServer
    2. Download both installers from our website:
    3. Install GeneXproTools first followed by GeneXproServer.

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