Settings and Features

Static UDFs Tab Edit UDF Window
The Edit UDF Window allows you to introduce your own static UDFs and gives access to the following settings and features:

Reminds you that all the static UDFs take no parameters and, therefore, have zero arity (notice the function header that appears in the gray box above the code window).

Use this box to write a brief description of the UDF for your future reference. The text you write here will appear in the Definition column on the Functions Panel -> Static UDFs.

UDF Code Window
You design or edit the code of your UDFs in the code window. The code must be in Java Script and can be tested for syntax and calculation errors before including it in the function set.

Test Button
Tests the syntax of the Java Script code of your UDF and ensures that it is free of calculation errors. The results of the test are written in the gray window below the code window.

Stop Button
Allows you to stop the testing process.

Save Button
Saves the UDF and includes it in your function set with the default weight of 1.

Cancel Button
Closes the Edit UDF window without saving the modifications made there.

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