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GeneXproServer Online Guide

Learn how to seamlessly integrate your models with
your systems & workflow with the Online Guide.

Last update: February 19, 2014


GeneXproServer 5.0 is a powerful processor of gep files that allows the complete automation of the creation of thousands of models using heterogeneous data sources and large quantities of data.

With small amounts of data you study a problem and develop a modeling strategy in GeneXproTools and then integrate the resulting model with your production system. But when you have large amounts of data or your data changes frequently and you need to refresh your models repeatedly then GeneXproServer is the right tool for you.

The workflow is quite simple: you start by developing your strategy with GeneXproTools and then you associate the resulting gep file with one or more GeneXproServer Job Files which contain processing instructions such as replacing a dataset, changing the settings, processing it for a certain time, generating code in a particular programming language, testing, scoring and predicting new values or all of the above in many different combinations. A Job File is a text file with instructions encoded as XML and as such it is very easy for you to parse or generate. Usually the output of processing a job file is a number of gep files, each with different models plus extensive reporting of the process.

With GeneXproServer 5.0 we are introducing a new workflow called In-Place Processing. In this workflow you have a number of gep files in a folder or in a tree structure of folders and you instruct GeneXproServer to perform an operation on all of the files. As an example this might involve creating predictions for all the best models and saving them next to the files.

GeneXproServer is mostly operated form the command line but it also includes a simple Windows client that allows you to load Job Files and process them.


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 Released February 19, 2014

 Last update: 5.0.5667




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