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Last update: February 19, 2014

What's New in GeneXproServer 5.0?

GeneXproServer 5.0 introduces many new features and improvements:

  • Parallel processing with any number of cores for the Enterprise Edition and up to 8 cores in the Professional Edition.
  • In-Place Workflow and single gep file processing from the command line.
  • Time Series Predictions export to JSON, XML and text.
  • Better Excel File processing with more control over what is loaded.
  • Dataset reversal and sub-sampling from the top, allowing sub-sampling either from the top or bottom.
  • Two types of data table format (Response Last/Response First).
  • Model selection by several criteria before and after the run.
  • New Idle Mode for the run to allow modifications, testing and predictions without creating new models.
  • Start, Continue, Simplify and Complexify run modes.
  • Programming language selection when exporting models.
  • Easy ensemble generation from consolidated runs using Favorite Statistics as selection criteria.
  • Addition of argument attributes to pre and post processing nodes (Run and Job).
  • New functionality for removing functions from the function set.
  • New functionality for changing the Singled Out Class (for automating multiclass Classification and Logistic Regression).
  • Support for multiple runs as defined in GeneXproTools' Run Panel.
  • Support for testing or refreshing both datasets as defined in GeneXproTools' History Panel.


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 Released February 19, 2014

 Last update: 5.0.5667




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