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Last update: February 19, 2014


Boolean Linking Functions

Below are listed the Boolean linking functions available in GeneXproTools, including their class (universal logical modules are identified by ULM, whereas universal NAND-like modules are identified by NLM), their representation in Karva Notation (shown in red) and their Boolean definition (for more details about their implementations, see the built-in grammars of GeneXproTools):

Linking functions:

  • And (ULM) (And): A·B
  • Or (ULM) (Or): A+B
  • Nand (NLM) (Nand): (A·B)'
  • Nor (NLM) (Nor): (A+B)'
  • Exclusive or (Xor): A^B
  • If and only if (Nxor): (A^B)'
  • Less than (ULM) (LT): A < B
  • Greater than (ULM) (GT): A > B
  • Less or equal (ULM) (LOE): A <= B
  • Greater or equal (ULM) (GOE): A >= B

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 Released February 19, 2014

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