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Gene Expression Programming

What’s New in GeneXproTools 5.0?

GeneXproTools 5.0 is a major release of the software, with powerful new additions like: (1) The support for categorical variables & missing values; (2) Extensive data management tools for dataset splitting & sub-sampling; (3) The full integration of Logistic Regression with its own set of fitness functions, visualization tools, and code generation; (4) And a new multifunctional Data Panel, both for record & variable analysis, including outlier detection, variable importance, and error analysis.


This video covers just a small fraction of the 1000+ new features introduced in version 5, of which a short list is presented below:

  • New Multifunctional Data Panel
  • Support for Categorical Variables and Missing Values
  • Support for Multinomial Classification & Logistic Regression
  • Support for Data Normalization
  • Dataset Partitioning and Sub-sampling
  • Support for GEP Files as Data Source
  • Summary Statistics
  • Outlier Detection & Removal
  • Regression Analysis
  • Variable Importance
  • Residual Analysis
  • New Logistic Regression Category
  • Model Browsing in the Run Panel
  • New Charts for Model Visualization & Selection
  • New Tools for Model Selection
  • Introduction of Evolvable Rounding Thresholds in Classification
  • Improved Results Panel in all Categories
  • Favorite Statistics for all Categories
  • Improved History Panel
  • 100+ New Fitness Functions
  • Adjustable Parsimony Pressure for all Fitness Functions
  • New and Adjustable Variable Pressure for all Fitness Functions
  • More Parameters for the Custom Fitness Functions
  • New Genetic Operators & Modeling Strategies
  • More Variables & Unlimited Ensemble Size
  • New Tools for Creating Ensembles & Random Forests
  • New Programming Languages: R, Octave & Excel VBA
  • Improvements in Generated Model Code
  • 3 Different Forms of Model Output for Classification & Logistic Regression
  • Ensemble Deployment to Excel with Average & Median Probability Models
  • Ensemble Deployment without Embedded Code
  • New Linking Functions
  • Improved Expression Tree Display
  • New Defaults for the Function Sets
  • Import Function Set
  • Import Derived Variables
  • Analysis of Simple Models
  • New Charts for Monitoring Evolution
  • New Stop Conditions
  • New Online Help System
  • And Much More…


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