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Gene Expression Programming

Function Finding Video

This quick tour to Function Finding shows how to do nonlinear regression with GeneXproTools using real-world production data of 446 firms with three independent variables. It covers all the basic steps of evolutionary modeling, including: (1) Loading training and testing data, (2) Creating a model, (3) Evaluating the predictive accuracy of a model, (4) Generating code automatically, (5) Optimizing a model, (6) Simplifying a model, (7) Choosing the set of mathematical functions to work with, (8) Choosing different architectures or model plans, (9) Experimenting with different numerical constants, (10) Exploring different fitness functions, and (11) Making predictions with the evolved models. All the video takes are real-time modeling sessions without cuts to give you a feel for how easy it is to model with GeneXproTools. In this particular case, you’ll see that explaining Production as a function of Labor, Material, and Capital is an easy problem for GeneXproTools and exceptionally good models are obtained in virtually all runs.


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