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Gene Expression Programming

Logic Synthesis Video

This quick tour to Logic Synthesis uses the well-known odd-3-parity function which, of the logical functions with three inputs, is one of the hardest to model with learning algorithms. The video covers all the basic steps of logic circuit design with GeneXproTools, including: (1) Loading the rule table, (2) Creating logic circuits with only NOT-AND-OR, (3) Simplifying a logic circuit, (4) Generating code automatically in 16 programming languages, (5) Exploring different linkers, (6) Creating logic circuits with just NAND gates, (7) Creating logic circuits with just NOR gates, (8) Creating logic circuits with just MUX gates, (9) Creating logic circuits with only NOT-AND-XOR, (10) Creating logic circuits using all kinds of gates and convert them immediately into canonical logical systems, (11) Optimizing a logic circuit, and (12) Exploring different fitness functions. All the video takes are real-time modeling sessions without cuts to give you a feel for how easy it is to design logic circuits with GeneXproTools.


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