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With the new mini-release "New Project: Cross-Validation, Var Importance & More" we are re-implementing and improving the favorite statistics Hits and Outliers in order to make them available irrespective of the fitness function that you're using (before, these stats only became available if you were using fitness functions based on the relative or absolute errors).

As we saw with the previous new project "New Project: Multi-class Classification & Trading Strategies", these stats are extremely useful, especially if you're doing multi-class classification in the Regression Framework (see the post "New Classification Algorithms").

The new implementation of these stats in GeneXproTools 5.0 MR2 allows you to choose the error type (relative or absolute error) and the precision. And like for all the other favorite statistics, you can now also evaluate the Cross-Validation Hits and Cross-Validation Outliers (see the post "Bootstrap Cross-Validation"):

These new stats are available in the Regression Framework and in Time Series Prediction and can also be used for model selection during Ensemble Deployment to Excel:

And by the way, these Hits and Outliers statistics are the same ones that you can conveniently visualize in the new multi-functional Data Panel using different charts (Sequential Distribution Chart, Bivariate Line Chart, and Scatter Plot):



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