GEPSODY – Introducing the New Gepsoft Blog

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The creation of GEPSODY has been a dream of mine almost as old as GEP itself. I would dream of putting all my ideas in a blog instead of writing them in my GEP Journal.

But then there was the problem of publishing and I had to keep my ideas to myself before publishing them in papers or in books. But blogging about them months or years after the fact is not just the same as when I was feeling all the enthusiasm and excitement of each new idea, big and small. So the GEPSODY idea continued to live only in my journal.

Then Gepsoft came along and I also started to keep a GeneXproTools Journal with all my ideas for new features and algorithms. But soon enough I no longer bothered to separate the GEP ideas from the GeneXproTools ideas and I would mark them !!GEP!! or !!GXPT!! in my journal.

But again there were restrictions about what could be shared. Now the restrictions existed because I had to wait for the implementation and subsequent release of all my ideas in GeneXproTools. And due to the relatively long development cycles of software, by the time all the ideas and features were implemented and released I was already thinking and working on other new ideas.

So again I had to put GEPSODY aside and commiserate about the fact that I would only be able to ever blog about boring old ideas, transcribing/translating them from my ideas journals when nobody, myself included, cared about them.

But then I had a brilliant idea only a few days ago and it allows me to break free of almost all of these constraints!

It all began when we decided to transition to subscriptions of all our software later in September 2013. The subscriptions system is very dynamic and works best when several mini-releases are launched between main releases, keeping developers and users very engaged. As it turns out, subscriptions create the perfect ground for blogging about fresh new ideas, exactly when they are being implemented. And what's more, much of the old enthusiasm returns because we usually make new discoveries and gain new insights during the implementation process!

So we are excited about starting this new endeavor with you, with a more engaging development cycle punctuated by several mini-releases where we openly blog about the new features and algorithms we are implementing, letting you know why we are so excited about them and giving you also the opportunity to participate in the process through comments to the blog posts or through invited posts.

I hope this will mark the beginning of a truly dynamic and creative relationship between innovators, developers and users!

Stay tuned!



  1. Pedro Carneiro

    Awesome idea and simply love the simplicity of the design! KUDOS to the Gepsoft team!



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